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Satyam Vinaya Spiritual Advisor


After giving it a good try, I realized he was unwilling to conform to the lifestyle society demanded. At the age of 22, knowing for certain there must be more to life than meets the German eye, I courageously set out to manifest my childhood vision of visiting the Himalayas. With just a few hundred dollars in my pocket and an unlimited thirst for ‘purpose’, I left on an epic adventure, one that few souls have ever experienced. From my familiar homeland of Germany, I traveled overland across Europe and throughout the exotic scenes and cultures of Asia to the mountains of my dreams.
For seven years I traveled aimlessly, (aka ‘in the flow’), looking outside for answers. At the end of that cycle, existence led me to Osho, the enlightened master whose transmission turned my gaze inward. Over the next ten years I lived in Poona, India, drinking in every drop life had to offer. I participated in, and was eventually permitted to facilitate groups in personal development; this experience helped me to cultivate the wisdomI carry to the present. Through my total surrender to the ‘cosmic joke’ of life, I arrived at a space, which could best be called: ‘freedom from myself’. Throughout this time I simultaneously dove into study of tarot, this foundation along with my connection to the mineral kingdom helped me develop my innate gift: the ability to see behind the veil. By combining my knowledge with my intuition, I developed an unique approach to psychic reading.
In my world today, I serve my clients as a Karmic Awareness Catalyst and Spiritual Advisor. The years have refined my insight and ability to verbalize what I sees, I offers my clients understanding of their evolutionary path, their gifts and challenges, and the energetic outcomes of the choices they could make in their lives, guiding them towards discovering deeper clarity and direction. My psychic gifts, and my charismatic attitude of living ‘life as a celebration’ has supported innumerable people along the way. In the here and now, I am living in Mexico. In 2010 I, and my partner Pyasa were initiated as a 4th level Andean healers by the Q’ero peoples of Peru.


  About my Readings

 I am a spiritual advisor with an ability to receive psychic information, which I can use to help you move forward in your life.
What I can do is help you to understand the energetic outcome of your options in life, so you can make better, and more informed, choices. This can include making decisions about finance, life path, soul purpose, current or potential relationships, questions about what type of work is most beneficial for you, or where in the world to live.
I can sense what issues and lessons are currently important for you to focus on at this time so you can experience more satisfaction and live your life with a deeper sense of purpose.
In a reading I share intuitive information from the cards and crystals you draw, many of the questions you have will be answered, and the end of this flow, I can address specific questions which were not answered in the reading.
I am able to see where you are currently at, based on your present thoughts and energy, and I am able to point out the most beneficial path for your growth, enabling you to be a successful creator of your life.
I am not fortune-teller.
But, I can give you guidance as to how you can achieve your greatest potential through bringing light to your patterns, behaviors, and the blockages that stand in your way.
I can point out the most beneficial ways for you to move forward and how you can clear stuck beliefs so you are able to get you where you want to go.
Essentially, I can help you live your best life!
My intention is to share with you in a way that nurtures your understanding, acceptance, healing and ultimately, your inner peace.
Please Note: Psychic readings tap into the energy of the NOW. At any time- by your own FREE WILL- you can change direction … thereby changing EVERYTHING! Remember, YOU are the creator of your own reality!
Phone, or in-person sessions are equally effective, there is no difference in the quality of the reading. Spirit is not impeded by physical distance.
Preparation for your session:
Before your session, I suggest you get into a relaxed, meditative state, and open yourself to being receptive for our time together…
Come with an open mind – and heart. The guidance that comes through is always for your highest good and for the benefit of all!
Prepare your questions, whether they are about love, career, or decisions you need to make, write them down.
I encourage you to record your session so you will be able to refer back to the information. I will share a lot in a short amount of time.
During our reading, if you don’t understand something I share- ask questions – it is my pleasure to clarify further.
It is my joy to serve you!
Please contact me to schedule a session, sign up for my mentor program, or with any questions you have. I look forward to connecting with you. Blessings,

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